Start selling online the travel services of any third party provider connected with our HUB or simply use our platform as an internal meta-search engine for allowing your staff to book the best availbale options for your customers, among those supplied by the providers you work with. Adalte takes care on your behalf about keeping the product and all connectors data and software always updated (for hotel we also offer you the mapping!). 
One connector is included in the OTA Plan, but optionally connectors can be added to all Plans.

adalte api
XML DISTRIBUTION OF tours and hotels 

Adalte provides all his Customers with the possibility to sell online not only through their own Travel Platform, but also directly into the booking engines of third parties, connected with Adalte Tour and/or Hotels API and having a direct contract with them. 
Travel Buyer and tech companies working with travel can be strongly interested in connecting Adale API because investing in only 1 XML connector they can start cooperating with many different Providers on a global scale, for tours and hotels services.   

provide 1 API to your customers with all bedbanks 

All Customers of Adalte having one or more connectors enabled can request to provide their own API to any third party working with them.
This opportunity allows to globally extend the online business scenario of all Tour Operators using the Adalte Travel Platform, providing them with a great additional commercial tool to be spent with the most important customers and targets.