The Tourism Industry is suffering the distructive impact of COVID -19 crisis.
Adalte has taken actions to support his customers and other players of the travel trade interested to reduce their costs by adopting our cloud professional software. 




Reduce your booking fee

Purchase one of the below packages if you would like to reduce your Booking fee incidence


add 49 € / month
or 490 € /year

 Pay 0,75% on Bookings
25% of the Fee due at confirmation


add 199 € / month
or 1990 € / year

Pay 0,5% on Bookings
Fee due after departure
4 hours training at activation


add 499 € / month
or 4990 € / year

Pay 0,3% on Bookings
Fee due after departure
8 hours training 
at activation
Support by Telephone



add 899 € / month
or 8990 € / year

Pay 0,15% on Bookings
Fee due after departure
2 days of training
Support by Telephone
H24 assistance number
1 Custom Template free



THE add-ons you may need to complete your travel platform


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All plans include the opportunity to connect the products of multiple Wholesalers by using your direct credentials. Only the OTA plan already includes 1 API connector of your choice, but all plans can enable connectors.

1 Connector: per month 85 €, per year: 850€ 
Global Hotel Connector (Wholesalers): 85 €, per year: 850€ *
Global Hotel Connector (Channel Manager): 100 €, per year: 1000€ *
*Global Hotels Connector applies an additonal 1% on bookings

travel hub

All plans include the opportunity to start cooperating and to connect the products of always more Destination Management Companies from all around the world. The full list of Adalte Travel HUB providers is availbale in preview mode for all those starting a trial. 

All DMC, per month: 45 €per year: 450€ 
Free till the end of 2021 for all those subscribing any yearly package if invited by one Provider of the Adalte Travel HUB


If you are an international Travel Group or if you have independent different branch offices or if you choose the OTA plan you can add 1 or more additional OPERATOR CMS to your Adalte Travel Platform. Each new CMS can be assigned to a specific users for uploading travel services with contracts and make quotations, but can be fully controlled by your main account.

1 OPERATOR CMS, per month: 49€ (5 countries) or 69€ (all countries)
1 OPERATOR CMS, per year: 490€ 
(5 countries) or 690€ (all countries)


If you wish to distribute your travel services via API to your customers and to new customers you can connect your full or partial inventory to the channels already enabled. Channel may have different conditions and prices, depending the number or the importance of the Buyers they can link you through. If you are a DMC or a Tour Organizer you can also join our online booking Marketplace for getting in full the benefits of Adalte Travel HUB distribution 

1 Channel, per year: from 500 € + from 1 % booking fee
Add a new Channel: Contact us


All plans allows to fully customize the content and the CSS of your website, using the default templates included in all Plans, but you can customize your Adalte Travel Platform by purchasing a custom layout for your website.Our designer can built up the perfect design following your specific needs and indications.

Custom graphic template, una tantum: from 1850€


Are you not familiar with Content management System for website? No worries, we can deliver your Adalte Travel Platform fully configured and provided with all contents: payment rules, markups, discounts, services, contracts, pages, menu, banners, etc...

Turnkey Package, una tantum: contact us when you have registered your trial


If you are an international Travel Group or if you have different interests, add additional website to your Adalte Travel Platform, to built up your online presence exactly as you need. Each new website can be assigned to a specific business or department, but can be fully controlled also accessing your main account.

1 additional WEBSITE CMS, per month: 59 €
1 additional WEBSITE CMS, per year: 590 €


See full list

To start getting paid online you simply has to request us enabling your choosen gateway and provide the api credantials communicated by your payment provider. All plans include 1 Payments gateway, among those already implemented.

1 Additional Gateway, per month: 25 €, per year: 250€ 
Add a new Gateway: Contact us
Online payment are always performed inside provider servers


Assign points or credit to all or some customers when they make bookings through your Adalte Travel Platform. System emails will communicate the loyalty credit in case of automatic or manual assignations. Customers can use the credit to automatically reduce their future bookings cost up to the percent you prefer.

Loyalty system, per month: 199 €
Loyalty system, per year: 1990 €


Send Newsletter to your registered users and external contacts and contact collected on your website, by creating a dedicated html content for each target language and eventually adding the news you have previously created for your website. Customers and contacts can unsubscribe online, if they wish too.

Newsletter module, per month: 15 €
Newsletter module, per year: 150 €

& gifts list

Create Gift lists such as an Honeymoon or a graduation trip or any other event your customers may decide to celebrate by inviting relatives and friends to contribute. Your customer get informed by email, but he can also access his list online for checking the progress done based on his target. Contributors can access with a code or by getting registered on your website and can pay by credit card online through your payment gateways a fix contribution defined by you or a custom contribution.

Gift List system, per month: 39 €
Gift List system, per year: 390 €


Create your own sales team or promoter network, by creating an account for each team member. Assign the customers to Promoter users or allow Promoters o provide a private link to possible customers for automatically assigning the new user under their account, if registered. Add the filter by Promoter to your reports to check sales grouped by each one of your team member.

Promoter module, per month: 55 €
Promoter module, per year: 550 €


Our technology allows you to sell also B2B, with no extra cost, but with this additional module, you allow your B2B customers to add their own markup on all services of yours and to choose which view they prefer to adopt in different situations. In your booking engines, your B2B customers will have 2 options: they can see their costing, so the NET prices you defined for them, or their selling prices, so their net rate plus their markup.

Advanced B2B, per year: 450 €

accountancy integrations

Any external system can import a feed of data from your Adalte Travel Platform and vice versa. All bookings, customers and providers managed through Adalte can be always kept synchronized between your own back-office or accountancy software (for example: into XERO) and Adalte. Payments received online can be exported, as well as Invoices issued into tour back-office application can be imported into and sent throughout Adalte

1 accountancy Connector, per month: 39 €, per year: 390€ 
Add a new custom connector: Contact us

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