Covid - 19 crisiS
actions taken by Adalte
to support the Travel Industry 

All organizations in the travel business have been the first to financially suffer because of this invisible enemy and will probably be the last to recover.  Adalte is proud to annunce that we  are running for the "HEALING SOLUTIONS FOR TOURISM" CHALLANGE organized by the UN WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATION, in the catagory Healing for Prosperity. Adalte team has taken all possible internal countermeasures to ensure our customers the normal use of our services and, at the same time, to face this economic disaster: 


  1. Adalte staff is safely operating in smart working from their homes. Our technology and organization perfectly allow all our employees to securely and comfortably work from home, until the end of this Covid19 emergency. 
  2. It is our main business priority not to leave anyone behind, because in most cases we have grown up together with our customers and we are committed to do so in the future, so we offered to all our customers a 50% discount on their rates, including add-ons.
  3. We believe that our technology, affordable and easy-to-use, can be already very effective to reduce costs, but we decided to offer an important contribution also to all new customers. So from March to November 2020, we extended the validity of our yearly contracts, for those new partners who choose to pay 1 year in advance, till the end of 2021 (up to 10 months free!). Then from December 2020 we offered 3 additional free months to all new partners signing a yearly Plan (5 months for free!).
  4. We strongly believe that our Travel HUB can be a key enabling factor  for a fast restart. Starting from May 1st, until further notice, we will waive all yearly entrance fees for Community.Travel, the Adalte online booking Marketplace for DMC and Tour operators, and apply only a booking fee for confirmed bookings to all new Partners.
  5. Our Marketplace technology is a peer-to-peer, democratic and ready-to-go solution for Governments, Institutions, Networks and Consortia that want  to pragmatically support the restart “after Covid19” of their tourism industry, including small and medium size companies, with a B2B2C online booking portal. We included into our proposal for UNWTO a unique opportunity for these aggregating entities: more than 75% discount on our standard rate to adopt our Marketplace technology solutions.

Hopefully these actions will strengthen the partnerships with our customers and partners and will allow all of us to successfully surf the next positive wave of growth.

Download an extract of Adalte proposal for UNWTO CHALLENGE

Download Italian version