for IT companies, Wholesales and Portal owners

IT companies working with Travel trade may be interested in integrating our Tours API for offering the multiday tours products provided by our DMC Partners to their own Customers.
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Bedbanks and global Wholesales may choose to connect our Tours API for offering a new product type to their customers or simply to add more proposals to their actual inventory of multi-day itineraries. 
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Anyone interested in enlarging the travel inventory published on his own reservation system or IBE can use the Adalte Travel Platform only as an API HUB by integrating our Hotels and Tours API and by easly managing the travel products of Bedbanks and DMC already connected with Adalte. This to greatly reduce the investment effor on the propritary technology and to get the benefit of using Adalte robust, widely used and efficiently updated web services. To operate in this mode  choose the OTA plan and the API Distribution add-on.
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