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for dmc and travel agencies networkING


Adalte Travel Platform may be the best software to support the online distribution of travel services provided by a Network of DMC or to run the online selling platform of a Network of Travel Agencies. Every affiliate or branch office can manage its own website for eventually selling its unique online catalogue of travel services and packages to his own customers.

The technology of Adalte also allows to enable a Marketplace portal, which can be enabled for selling online the products of multiple business affiliates and for easily managing payments to a central entity and to each single partner involved in a reservation (also using multiple payment gateways).

What we can do for Networks

For Provider Networks

Provide an Operator CMS to all Partners, enable the distribution channels inside the Adalte HUB and eventually enable booking online websites for direct sales

For Distribution Networks

Create the main catalog by connecting API and DMC providers and allow every partner to book the services inside a network website or on their own.

For Marketplace portals

You can run a real MARKETPLACE portal in which the customers see the names of the service suppliers and are invited to pay the services directly to each provider

Make sure to offer
the best to your partners

The partners of a Network or the affiliates of an international Organization can be entitled by the Administrator to have access and controll both of the following modules, if they supply services and if they also will to run their own online booking website with the Adalte Travel Platform. 




Customize your website by defining how you prefer to sell your travel services and the way you present it



& reservation

Manage FIT & Groups reservations allowing your customers to book online your travel service for individuals




we support your
mice business

Professional tools

Among others: offline and online rooming list sync and shared rooming list for multiple services

easily manage
your events

Use CMS tags for more easily keeping under control all reservations of your events and customize reports

make every
event special

Create a one or more pages inside your website or enable a dedicated booking online portal for each event


Request more info about our offer for Networks

If you represent or you are part of a Network or an Association you are invited to request more information about what the Adalte Travel Platform can do to assist you for running your business and increasing the cooperation among the Affiliates. Custom packages can be created based on the specific needs of each work group.