Full control on your suppliers database, your markup strategy and your online travel catalog organization


User-friendly professional system for managing online and also manual reservations of your own travel services


Manage the entire reservation process of any of your directly contracted service inventories



If you manage an Operator CMS you can extend the expiration time of a pending booking (default 30 min), save quotations and manually add custom services to a booking or a quotation


A service added to a cart can be set to become a Only Cost item. The client do not see it, but all procedures related to it are normally operated, for example notifications are normally sent to the providers involved

BOOKING price calculator

Price calculator available inside each cart item to automatically update rates based on participants/nights/rooms quantity/vehicles

exportable REPORTS

Customizable sales reports and passenger lists per each travel service type exportable in CSV and Excel

Passenger list


Booking management


custom quotation

All Travel services you load into the system can be always used to create custom quotations and ad hoc reservations

full control on bookings

Full control on all services added to a booking or a quotation. All information can be amended before and after the cart has been confirmed

filters and VIEW

Various pages with multiple filters for searching among existing bookings, reserved items, purchase and selling orders

BOOKING availability

Each item included in a Booking or in a Quote can be set to be Available or On Request and to use or not the allotment eventually loaded in the corresponding contract

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